Kiwi Family Trust volunteers gift winter woollies

11 October, 2019

Wool World owner Mary Davenport (left), Kiwi Family Trust community project manager Barbara Aitken and Southern co-ordinator Fi with some of the wool they will use to knit woollen clothing and blankets for people in need in Invercargill. Photo: Petrina Wright

About the community group/organisation/individual

Based in Christchurch, Kiwi Family Trust was started by Barbara Aitken about 10 years ago with the aim to knit warm clothing and blankets for babies and children.

Barbara started with five knitters in Christchurch and now has about 450 knitters throughout the country producing woollen garments for those in need.

Over the years, she and her team of knitters have given away thousands of items of clothing through organisations such as Plunket and Pregnancy Help.


What the grant went towards

Kiwi Family Trust received $1300 from the ILT Foundation towards the purchase of wool for local knitters to use to make knitted clothing and blankets for those in need in Invercargill.

Mary Davenport of Wool World in Invercargill discounted the cost of the wool to support the charity’s work.


What the grant means to the community group/organisation

“I want to promote knitting and encourage Southland knitters to give their knitting to people in need in Invercargill,” Kiwi Family Trust community project manager Barbara Aitken said.

“There is more and more need out there.

“Thank you [to the ILT Foundation] for giving us the opportunity to help the local children and families in Invercargill keep warm next winter.”