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    Please note this interim application system is unable to save during the application process. Before beginning your application please make sure you have the following documents ready to attach:

    • Most recent financial accounts in a PDF format for the organisation applying
    • Minute with resolution to apply to ILT Foundation for funding, noting the person responsible for the application, in Word document or PDF format.
    • Current financial budget for organisation in Excel or PDF format.
    • Two quotes from suppliers related to requested funding in PDF format.
    • Verification of your bank account details is required. Please upload an image of your bank deposit slip confirming the bank account details or an image of the Bank account header showing your organisations bank and account number.
    • Please note two signatures are required.

    Your Organisation's Details


    Please supply two contact names from your organisation with job roles and cellphone.

    About the Grant

    Please note $ symbol or , comma’s not required

    Please be specific & include dates and location - attach separate documents if required

    Please note: Retrospective funding cannot be provided for purchases / timing of event prior to application approval date.

    Please note number and explain how you calculated this.
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    Please note that an application can not be submitted without a minimum of 3 benefits being entered. If you need assistance with this aspect – please contact one of our team on 03 211 3750
    If you would like to add additional benefits / outcomes – please send as a separate document

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    Please list name of employee & role, their annual salary and the total requested amount.

    About Your Organisation

    Incorporated SocietyNot-for-profitTrustClubOther
    Please note number explain how you have calculated this.
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    Please note only the number is requried NZBN is not requried in front of the number.

    If GST registered funding will not include any GST.

    Financial Details

    Files must be less than 2 MB.
    Allowed file types: PDF.

    Files must be less than 2 MB.
    Allowed file types: PDF, JPG, PNG.

    If currently being audited please provide a draft copy. NB: Financial Information on reserves/cash on hand/investments must be included.

    Files must be less than 2MB.
    Allowed file types: PDF.

    Files must be less than 2MB.
    Allowed file types: PDF

    Files must be less than 2MB.
    Allowed file types: PDF.

    i.e. CTS, ICC, Lotteries, MSD, MBIE, Government Wage Subsidy, Sponsorships
    (If Yes, give full details, using separate sheet if necessary)
    CTSICCLotteriesMSDMBIEGovernment Wage SubsidySponsorshipsOther
    Please include where the money was received from, the purpose it was given for and the amount.


    • We declare the information provided in this grant application is true and correct, to the best of our knowledge, and we have the authority to make the application on behalf of the applicant organisation.
    • This organisation fully understands that any and all grant monies received from the ILT Foundation can only be used for the purpose for which the grant was approved. Copies of invoices, receipts and bank statements (where applicable), along with any unspent funds, will be returned to the ILT Foundation after the funds have been applied towards the purpose for which the grant was made.
    • We agree to comply with a request from an officer of the Department of Internal Affairs, for additional information, in relation to how the monies received, have been spent. This may involve an audit or inspection of the books and/or accounts of your organisation.
    • We authorise the ILT Foundation to retain information pertaining to this application and to disclose that information as deemed necessary by the ILT Foundation for any purpose, including the publication of grants information.
    • We have read, understand and accept all the conditions applicable to this application for a grant. The funds will only be used for the purpose applied for in this application.

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    If you are unable to provide the second signature at the time of application please contact one of our team on 03 211 3750.

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