Sandpit fun at Glengarry Kindergarten

28 October, 2019

ILT Foundation trustee Suzanne Prentice and Glengarry Kindergarten member Nikayla Thwaites (4) and others play in the sandpit under the newly erected carport roof. Photo: Petrina Wright

About the community group/organisation/individual

Glengarry Kindergarten is located in the heart of Glengarry in Invercargill, providing early childhood education to children aged 2-5 years.

At present about 30 children attend the kindergarten.


What the grant went towards

The ILT Foundation provided Glengarry Kindergarten with a grant of $6000 towards the cost to erect a carport roof over the kindergarten’s sandpit so its children could be protected from the sun and rain while they played outside.


What the grant means to the community group/organisation

“It is just absolutely fantastic. It just wouldn’t have happened without it,” Glengarry Kindergarten head teacher Carly Ashford said.

“It is going to be used by children for years and years to come.”