MenzShed Invercargill

12 February, 2019

ILT board member and ILT Foundation trustee Sean Bellew (right) shares a
cuppa with members of MenzShed Invercargill. Photo: Lisa-Maree Fleck

About the organisation

MenzShed Invercargill is an incorporated society set up in July 2017 to provide a place for men to go for support, companionship and to be actively involved in the community.

At present, the Invercargill shed has about 30 members.

The MenzShed concept came out of a men’s health conference in Australia in 1995, with the first shed set up in Australia in 1998.

The first two MenzSheds in New Zealand were established in 2008, and some 10 years later, the Invercargill shed is one of about 100 sheds operating throughout the country.

What the grant went towards

The ILT Foundation provided a grant of $8000 to MenzShed Invercargill towards the purchase of woodworking equipment for use by its members.

What the grant means to the organisation/community group

“We are extremely thankful for the community support,” MenzShed Invercargill committee member Ken Bowie said.

“We started with donated second hand equipment. We appreciated the equipment donated, but to do things quickly and efficiently, it is good to have modern equipment.

“The new equipment is modern enough and efficient enough to give us the ability to do some of the projects that are coming our way.”