Good homes needed for retiring greyhounds

13 October, 2020

Southern Cross Greyhound Adoptions treasurer Debbie Maitland with two greyhounds currently looking for new homes, Basil (left) and Jed.  Photo: Petrina Wright


About the community group/organisation/individual

Southern Cross Greyhound Adoptions is a group dedicated to re-homing former racing greyhounds.  Since the group’s inception in December 2014, its members have  re-homed 34 dogs.

Once greyhounds turn five years of age and can no longer race, the group seek to find them good homes to enjoy their retirement.


What the grant went towards

The ILT Foundation approved a grant of $500 to support the work of Southern Cross Greyhound Adoptions to help cover costs such as vet care, desexing and provisions necessary for fostering/re-homing former racing greyhounds.



What the grant means to the community group/organisation

“It’s amazing.  We are very grateful,” Southern Cross Greyhound Adoptions treasurer Debbie Maitland said. “It helps us to provide what the dogs need.’

Ms Maitland said the group was solely reliant on donations from its members, community funders and adopting families to run the service.


Basil awaits his new home.  Photo: Supplied