Support in action for those with disabilities

3 June, 2019

ILT Foundation trustee Paddy O’Brien discusses the services offered by CCS Disability Action, Southland and Otago with senior service co-ordinator Joy Smith (left) and Southern regionally elected representative to the national board Hari-Priya Day in the organisation’s toy library. Photo: Lisa-Maree Fleck 

About the organisation/community group 

CCS Disability Action, Southland and Otago provides a range of services for people living with disabilities resulting from birth, accident or illness, and their families. 

The organisation works on the principle that someone with a disability has as much right to be included in the community as someone without a disability. 

CCS Disability Action assists its clients with daily living tasks such as cooking, shopping and budgeting.  Its staff also provides advocacy for its clients, and support for young people as they transition into the workforce. 

Over the past year, the team have supported over 160 people. 

What the grant went towards 

The ILT Foundation provided a grant of $12,000 towards CCS Disability Action Southland’s operating costs for 2019 so it can deliver support services for people with a disability in Invercargill. 

What the grant means to the organisation/community group 

CCS Disability Action national funding co-ordinator Lyle Palmer said the ILT funding effectively freed up the organisation’s other funds to meet the needs of its members. 

 CCS Disability Action, Southland and Otago service manager Rachael Kooman said the funding enabled the group to continue to support its members to live good lives. 

“It really does mean so much to us, she said.