Special new school for Southland

18 June, 2020

Pupils of Southland Hindi School at work.  Photo: Supplied

About the community group/organisation/individual

Southland early childhood teacher/whanau support worker Himani Mishra Galbraith set up the Southland Hindi School in February last year to teach primary school-aged Indian migrant children how to speak Hindi, the language of their homeland.

The school opened with five children.  A year on, the roll had grown to 14.

Mrs Galbraith said the aim of the school was to help the children connect with their culture and give them a sense of identity and belonging.


What the grant went towards

Southland Hindi School received a grant of $7500 from the ILT Foundation towards operating costs, including wages, rent of premises, resources and equipment.


What the grant means to the community group/organisation

“It was really very helpful and it went a long way.  We were struggling for resources [to set up the school] at that time,” Mrs Galbraith said.

“The children and parents really appreciated it.”