Taster of career opportunities in health sector

23 February, 2020

Sixth year medical student and trainee intern Nathaniel Carter explains to ILT Foundation trustees Paddy O’Brien (left), Suzanne Prentice and Mike Mika how to use a stethoscope during a Programme Incubator site visit at Southland Hospital last year.  Photo: Petrina Wright

About the community group/organisation/individual 

Programme Incubator is designed to introduce secondary school pupils to possible career opportunities in the health sector through the use of guest speakers, interactive sessions and visits to various hospital departments. 

Through the programme, Year 10 – 13 pupils attend the Health Careers Expo at Southland Hospital, attend hospital site visits and engage in work experience. 


 What the grant went towards 

The Invercargill Licensing Trust and ILT Foundation  have been supporting  the incubator programme at Southland Hospital since 2008, providing combined grants equating to more than $200,000  over that time.

James Hargest College pupils Kayla Horler and Jacob Blomfield (both 17) learn how to use a stethoscope during a Programme Incubator site visit to Southland Hospital recently. Photo: Petrina Wright


 What the grant means to the community group/organisation 

 “The support from community funders creates the opportunity for more students to be involved and enhances the positive experience for students with access to resources that complement the sessions,” Programme Incubator co-ordinator Jan Tait said.