/ Responsible Gambling & Harm Minimisation

The ILT Foundation, as a community owned organisation and accountable back to its public, is acutely aware of its social responsibilities and committed to providing safe and enjoyable gaming venues.  Proactive in its approach towards minimising gambling harm, the ILT Foundation treats gaming as a sensitive product.

In addition to on-going staff training and adherence to our comprehensive gambling harm minimisation policy, the ILT Foundation continues to carry out proactive work in this area. 


Gambling Harm Minimisation Policy


To Minimise the Risks of Problem Gambling and Underage Gambling.


  1. Provide quality, supervised gaming operations in Invercargill Licensing Trust Hotel and Tavern venues.
  2. Access will be restricted at the venue to persons over the age of 18 years by virtue of the liquor licence for the venue.
  3. Notices will be displayed, and brochures will be available, in the venue warning of the problems of gambling and providing information on where to get help.
  4. Venue management and staff will receive training on identifying and handling problem gambling. A trained person will be at each gaming venue when gaming is available.


Problem Gambler Indentification

Our Foundation's and Venues' Policy

To identify, approach and provide help to actual or potential problem gamblers.

Definition of Problem Gambling

Problem Gambling can be described as gambling to excess, could be occasional or regular gambling, to the extent that it may lead to problems in other areas of life, particularly with finances and inter-personal relationships. 

Characteristics of a Problem Gambler

  • Repeated visits to an ATM
  • Attempts to borrow money on site
  • Attempts to cash cheques
  • Disorderly / agitated behaviour
  • Enquiries and comments from family and friends
  • Long sessions
  • A high number of gambling sessions per week

If you need help, please speak to our Venue Manager or read the material that is available at each gaming venue. 

Alternatively phone the ILT Foundation Manager directly on 03 2113 751 


Gambling Self Exclusion

If you wish to exclude yourself from gambling on gaming machines in Invercargill and Bluff, we can provide Multi Venue Self Exclusion Orders covering all gaming venues in Invercargill and Bluff with just one visit to any ILT Foundation gaming venue or ILT Foundation Head Office at 252 Dee Street, Invercargill.  This is a simple process.  Photo identification is required.