/ Funding Guidlines

Funding Guidelines

Availability of Net Proceeds

The ILT Foundation is budgeting, over the twelve month period to 31 March 2018, to generate $4,640,000 in funds which will be available for distribution to its authorised purposes.

Meeting dates for decisions on grant applications for the 2019 year are:  

  • 24 January
  • 21 February
  • 21 March
  • 11 April
  • 16 May
  • 20 June
  • 11 July
  • 29 August
  • 19 September
  • 24 October
  • 21 November
  • 12 December

Please ensure the grant application is in the ILT Foundation office at 252 Dee Street, Invercargill a minimum of 3 weeks prior to a meeting date listed above. 

Please refer to the following Funding Guidelines and the Authorised Purposes section of this website prior to completing an Application Form or phone 03 2113 640 for more information.

All of the following relate to conditions of the ILT Foundation's Gaming Machine Operator's Licence and apply to every application for grants from gaming machine funds.

ALL applications must have the following before the Grants Committee can consider them:

A completed form. A different form is required if applying for an individual scholarship

  1. All sections of the form must be filled out correctly. Failure to complete the entire form may result in the application being returned without consideration.
  2. The original application form must be sent to the ILT Foundation (photocopies are not acceptable) although forms downloaded and printed in full from this website are acceptable. Applications must be received at least two weeks prior to an ILT Foundation Board Meeting (dates listed on this website) and prior to any event or purchase for which funding is sought.
  3. The form must have two signatures and be dated by the Secretary, Treasurer and/or Chairperson of the applicant group and in the case of schools, the Principal.
  4. The form must not be altered in any way by anyone other than the applicant.
  5. Supporting documentation must be attached to the form. The bank deposit slip must be firmly affixed in the position indicated.  


  1. At least two quotations for all products/services that are proposed:
    • Quotes must be valid and addressed to the applicant group.
    • If funding is proposed towards general running costs (see Authorised Purpose) then a set of recent audited accounts must be provided and copies of previous accounts (such as power/phone/rates, etc) provided.
    • For salaries (see Authorised Purpose) a signed employment contract clearly stating the term of the contract, employee's name and rate of pay, must be provided.
  2. The minutes of the committee/executive meeting including:
    • The full names of all members attending the meeting.
    • A resolution to apply for funding from the ILT Foundation.
    • Minutes and resolutions must be certified as true and correct and be signed by the Secretary / Chairperson or another authorised person.
    • Minutes must be on the official letterhead of the applicant organisation.
  3. For Sporting Groups:
    • Proof of affiliation to a regional or national body.
    • Proof/Itinerary and date(s) of event(s) for which funding is sought.
  4. Proof that the group is a genuine 'non-profit' or charitable organisation:
    • Seal and certificate of incorporation
    • Certificate of IRD 'charitable' or non-profit status.
    • Trust Deed, Certificate of Incorporation of Trust.
    • For sporting teams, proof that the team is affiliated to a regional body that is in turn affiliated to a nationally recognised sporting organisation - see www.sportnz.co.nz for details.
    • For schools, an endorsement from the Principal on school letterhead.
  5. 10. Bank Account Details:
    • A pre-printed bank deposit slip in the name of the applicant group or
    • Bank generated account details verified by the bank.
  6. 11. You must:
    • Keep a copy of the grant application and supporting documentation. 
    • Following receipt of a grant, provide grant accountability for the expenditure of the funds by completing the requirements set out on the "Details and Conditions of Grants" page which is sent with your Grant approval letter, i.e providing the appropriate bank statements, receipts and invoices. 


  • Funds can only be provided for purposes or events that have not already occurred at the time the application is considered ie: funding cannot be retrospective. Funds cannot be provided to reimburse applicants for funds they have previously spent.
  • Any funds provided must be used for the items or services stated in the application. Permission must be obtained from the ILT Foundation before any different items or services are purchased.
  • Items or services funded must be purchased from the supplier providing the quote attached to the application. Permission must be obtained in writing from the ILT Foundation before any different supplier is used.
  • Funds must be used for the purpose for which they were granted and any funds not used for that purpose must be returned to the ILT Foundation immediately.
  • Grant funding for on-going operating costs for more than one year can only be catered for by a separate grant application annually.
  • Multi year grants may be distributed for major development projects only (not ongoing operating costs).
  • Funds must be used as soon as practical after being granted and cannot be held over for use at some time in the future.
  • Any queries relating to grant applications should come directly from the applicant, to the ILT Foundation.

Other questions the Grants Committee will be asking are:

  • Is this a genuine community group that is able to control and spend public monies in an appropriate manner, including maintaining appropriate records and providing an audit trail if required?
  • Is the purpose for which the funds will be used, providing a genuine 'community benefit' to a significant section of the community? ie: not predominantly 'social' in nature.
  • Is it certain that no person will benefit commercially from the grant other than the legitimate providers of goods or services stated in the application?
  • The above are only some of the conditions and regulations that apply to the issuing of grants from gaming machine proceeds.
  • The ILT Foundation is entirely responsible for the commitment of funds and is not required to approve any grant whether it is compliant with the requirements or not.
  • All grants are subject to audit by either the ILT Foundation and/or the Department of Internal Affairs.

Annual Review of Criteria

The ILT Foundation Board will undertake a review of the criteria, methods, systems and policies it uses for considering the distribution of net proceeds from Class 4 gambling.

Annual reviews are undertaken each year. 


GST Information

Funding provided by the ILT Foundation is made as an unconditional gift.

No portion of this funding is claimed by the ILT Foundation as a deduction for GST paid.

Where an applicant organisation is registered for GST, the funds granted will be exclusive of any GST.